Monday, March 18, 2019

Glorious Shadows of Your Saving by:C.C.

Bethany House - Abbey of The Genesee 2018

I taste You in fragments, the joy of You, the glory of You. 

I see You in silhouettes, the dark shadows of Your Cross, the risen joy and glory. 

Here I do not possess all of You, but in the Bread. 

Daily I come mindful of my hunger, to feel something in me of You that will not be fulfilled until my last beginning, 
never to end, 
and that day is Yours completely to determine.

Have I spent any of it as You wished for me,
as God willed for me,
as You called me?

And so here I must labour and toil accepting these brief passings of You
these ideas and notions of You
this faith instructed which You've left us to pursue. 

Still the road is darkened, 
the clarity not mine to possess, 
but if I let You possess me completely, 
how much greater will Your mercy on me be? 

Because I gladly accept this silhouette of You 
this obscure embrace of You,
this cloudy way of knowing that all of it is true.

Lord I give myself everyday to be renewed, 
and I come to Your table, this feast , this banquet , and I leave all of myself there 
that You may lead me on and make me whole, 
full of You and nothing more,
that others might see in me this shadow of You
this good of you, 
a glimpse of Your goodness,a ray of Your joy,
as I walk full of Your Light 
into the great unknown by Love.