Monday, September 23, 2019

Desolation in Edmonton by: C.C.

The aching of Your nearness is the tragedy of feeling You gone. You live in me uninvited,  Sweet Visitor, I've neglected Your welcome. Crushed my spirit with Your majesty Then released it into the shackles of your freedom Freely bound, lovingly harnessed, an untamed heart deadened and alive again at your touch Since You , I roam from tomb to the third day  Painful hope , desert of despair , narrowest of ways .. burning in worship  Flamed in grace Consumed by Love . I remain Yours ,but how You're mine weaves into the places and spaces that I tend to forget this belonging Shattering every truth I thought of You ,
wisdoms born from my empty designs,
life formed from the clay of my own mind  My highest thoughts proved worthless by Your  observations in me  You have searched me without warrant I was long surrendered before you forced entry . was inevitable I'd let You crush me  Disarm me of myself I've consented to Your building of me  Yet, you work in darkness  Hidden designs blocks made of materials I can't name But beg of me to trust the unseen builder Secured in the work that I am of His To You I offer this messy glory This praise I make with screams of silence The lingering of Your nearness in this absence.