Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Look Down From The Cross. By: C.C.

A Look Down From The Cross.
By: C.C.
It was on Mount Calvary
where I showed my love for thee;
with pain and sorrow
I looked down from the Cross.
Those who loved me,
those who judged me,
all who mourned there
I hoped to free.
And though wounded
my heart grew faithful
for my Father to welcome me;
into His Kingdom
where I would wait for
those who loved me;
in Eternity.
And I see my children struggle.
My followers still cling to me.
I look now down from Heaven
May grace and mercy set them free.
And as I looked down from the Cross
with an act of love for every soul
I ask you now to look toward Heaven
For it is my love that will make you whole.


  1. Glory be to God! Thank you stephanie. Have a blessed Easter season