Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thy Will Be Done. By: C.C.

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”(St. Catherine of Siena).

It is amazing how many times we hide our genuine selves in fear of judgement, shame, or ridicule. Many of us strive so hard to "find ourselves" through various journeys, outings, and self-help books. We tend to avoid coming to terms with who we were meant to be and battle with the notion of wanting to be someone or something else. We spend days, months, and years in a state of confusion and angst when God waits for us with open arms to aid us in becoming the very person we were meant to be. His will is often difficult to see amidst the confusion. It is in these times we must take a step back and question if we are placing our own will in the way of God's. I believe that more confusion arises in our lives when we try to take God's matters into our hands. We cause ourselves more confusion by resisting the very thing that God wills for us to embrace.We must learn to trust. I know that this is much easier said than done...but as you spend more genuine time with the Lord it will become easier and the clouds will fade in time. When we truly let God do His work in us that is when things will fall into place. First, we must let go of our fears and our anxieties and offer them up to the Lord. I know that this may not happen over night, but in time there will be an overwhelming state of peace when we are where God wants us to be. We may even come to find that it is the last place we ever saw ourselves going. Be assured that He will give you the strength and clarity to know exactly where you need to be when you are fully aligned with Him. It is when we embrace who we truly are that we will "set the world on fire." God places us where we will best serve Him and for each person this can be very different. It may be religious life, a leadership role, business, teaching, missionary work, fatherhood, motherhood, music, art, or writing. Wherever it may be always remember that He walks with you and will support you through everything. God calls each of us. Some respond to the call, some ignore, and for some it takes a little more time to listen. "Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding." (Proverbs 3:5) Sit before the Tabernacle, before the cross, or in a quiet room of prayer and simply say "Thy will be done". Lord today I pray that Your will be made clear in all of our lives. Allow us to embrace where You have placed us. Please be patient as we discern your will. May we let go of our temptations, fears, anxieties, and judgements that hold us back from becoming who You want us to be. Take away the confusion from our minds and our hearts so that we may see clearly. Help us to trust in You with all of our hearts, and let You into every part of our lives. Lord we seek for the riches of this world, for higher status, to be known, and are on a mission to leave our mark. Come into our hearts and help us to see that it is by doing Your Will that we will leave the most valued and righteous mark. Thank you Lord for calling us, please make known your Will for our lives. "Thy will be done". Amen. (C.C.)

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