Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Worthy Struggle

"Anyone who does not take his cross and follow in my footsteps is not worthy of me. Anyone who finds his life will lose it; anyone who loses his life for my sake will find it." (Matthew 10. 38:39)
I spoke in my last reflection about the temptation to judge others before looking within ourselves and truly acknowledging the ways in which we each have failed to glorify God through our actions, words, and daily deeds. I have truly begun to direct my focus inwardly and in doing so I am able to sort through my own "mess". I feel God so close through this and realize it is through bringing this mess to light that I am able to allow God to further change me and purify everything in accordance to His will. It is so challenging to strive for a Sacred Heart like that of Jesus, and the word challenging does not even begin to define the numerous ways that we are expected and called to live/love. It a struggle to follow Jesus...but, we are reminded that it is in denying ourselves and taking up our cross daily that we will truly find life. In my own struggles of faith I have often looked around me at others (yes, in a judging manner) and wondered why life for them seemed to be such a "breeze" for those who did not accept Christ or turn to prayer in their times of need seemed to have it all. In these times I have turned to friends, to Scripture, and to God in order to find the comfort and answers that my soul was yearning for. It is through this that I have truly discovered that the most immense Joy, Happiness, and true Peace can only be found through a total surrender to God's will. Those who have yet to know Him in their lives can never feel, experience, or attain all that is genuine and pure. Those who walk in sin will have moments of temporary satisfactions in every sense but without anything sustainable and everlasting. No matter what we are going through, no matter how much pain, confusion, discomfort, and loss we are feeling..we must look to Jesus on the Cross to remind us of his sufferings for our sake. We must recognize our sufferings as a pathway peace as the serenity prayer reminds us. I pray that we are always able to choose God and seek light through our dark times. I wrote this poem below in a time when I was reflecting on the purpose of living a God centred life..I was struggling to understand, and was feeling unworthy of receiving all that has been promised to us. I was questioning through my struggle the reason and significance for it all...the answer that quickly feel upon my heart while sitting before the Blessed Eucharist was this "Someday You Will Meet Jesus" this to me was all that I needed as my comfort and my sword to carry on through the battle. I pray today that it aids you in your struggles and that you too turn and fight with prayer. Amen.
Someday I will Meet Jesus. By: C.C.
Someday when I meet Jesus and all is said and done
When my life here has passed away and mercy must be won
I will weep in His presence and be held by His embrace
I will tell Him how much the world needs him and speak of my
Someday when I meet Jesus I can only hope He invites me in,
I hope He sits to speak a while and forgives each and every
And though sometimes I may be battling so wounded and in
Someday I will meet Jesus and so I choose to fight
with prayer.

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