Monday, December 12, 2011

Do Not Worry. By: C.C.

"So do not worry about tomorrow , for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today's trouble is enough for today." (Matthew 6:34)
It is easy to become overwhelmed as we venture through this busy season. There may be various reasons for feeling as if we are each running on empty. Arguably, many spend their day to day lives in a state of hurry, a state of complete and utter rush. Failing to live in the present moment we can catch ourselves consumed by what is to come, and often negatively anticipate what has not yet even happened. We must recognized that amidst this panic and worry we belong to a Lord who will gladly aid us through each and every concern. Sadly, something about the holiday season often brings even more worry in our lives. As we try to accommodate the commitments, demands, and seasonal stress we become burnt out. While we seek to find joy we may be distracted by the things in our lives that are not quite joyful. I reflected yesterday on 1Thessalonians where we are reminded to rejoice always despite our circumstances. Perhaps when we are put to "test" this seems rather difficult to do. As children of God we are all called to live in peace and tranquility. We should seek to cast all of cares upon Him. If we see another in need may we do our best to help them and to somehow lighten their load. Let us use this Advent season to make an honest commitment to turn our worries and anxiety over to the Lord so that He will heal us and give us the strength to get through whatever we are dealing with. Lord I pray that we can live in the present moment without fear or anxiety about what lies ahead. I thank You for the numerous blessings You have given me and for allowing me to see You in all of my circumstances. Lord provide clarity to those who are currently battling to place all of their trust in You. Bring comfort to anyone who finds themselves in a state of disharmony and worry. May You stand by us through this holiday season and allow us to see the Joy amidst everything that is going on in our lives. I would like to conclude tonight with some words from Padre Pio. " Do not anticipate the problems of this life with apprehension, but, rather with a perfect hope that God, to whom you belong, will free you from them accordingly. He has defended you up to now. Simply hold on tightly to the hand of his divine provindence, and he will help you in all events, and when you are unable to walk, he will lead you; don't worry...Don't think about tomorrow's events because the same heavenly Father who takes care of you today will do the same tomorrow and forever. Live tranquilly. Remove from your imagination that which upsets you, and often say to the Lord, "Oh, God, you are my God, and I will trust in you. You will assist me and be my refuge, and I will fear nothing." (Padre Pio Words of Hope)

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