Friday, December 2, 2011

"If we find nothing in the world to please us, we should be pleased by this very not finding anything to please us." (St. Philip Neri)

Things of this world are fleeting. There is nothing unchanging that we can grasp or hang on to for stability except to He who is forever constant. At times we find ourselves seeking tirelessly for that "thing" to make us happy. We search high and low for some external item/person to fulfill us internally. One will never be satisfied until they recognize that our only true sense of fulfillment and joy can come from God. St. Philip Neri's quote reminds us that this disatisfied feeling from things on earth should be something pleasing to us. This realization in itself reveals a very profound truth about the need we have for God in our lives. A need that can only be fulfilled by turning toward the Lord and not the things of this world. Lord as we approach our second week of Advent guide us to recognize our need for You in our lives. Help us to see that the things we look for in this world will not sustain us. Lord we ask you to be patient as we continue to seek You daily. Amen. (C.C.)

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