Saturday, December 3, 2011

Prayer To Guide The Youth. By: C.C.

"Young people must truly be the priority of our pastoral work, as they live in a world removed from God." (Pope Benedict XVI)
It is very easy to look around today's society and find so many issues amongst our young people. As an educator I peer into this adolescent world daily and am so shocked as to what is going on. I am only in my mid twenties and already catch myself saying "Things aren't like they used to be". It is difficult to see the immensity of anguish, pain, sin, and temptations that seem to plague today's youth. From fashion, to media, to lack of ethics and familial values, there is an urgent need for change. There is a desperate need for guidance, for restoration, and for GOD. More than ever there seems to be an abundance of broken homes, empty churches, and confusion. Yet, there is still hope! As Pope Benedict expressed "Young people must truly be the priority of our pastoral work". The youth need strong leaders in faith to understand the importance of their roles in the future of the Church and a strong society. They are responsible for creating our future families, work places, and parish communities. Let us not give up on our youth but be open to hearing their pains, sharing faith as needed, and for providing a strong example. I have written a poem that I encourage to be read by those of you who work with the youth....youth ministers, pastors, parents, and teachers.
Prayer To Guide The Youth. By: C.C.
Lord restore their innocence and help them live as new.
Keep them from all worldly harm, help us lead them back to You.
Shelter us from all sin so that we may live out Your plan.
Give us strong guiding ways to do all that we can.
Sometimes we lose our patience but we won't let darkness win
Help us overcome all doubt, and with You conquer sin.
The loss of faith is tragic, may the youth cling to Your word.
Use us as Your instruments so Your truth may be heard.
Make our actions reflect Your ways so that we preach with honesty.
And help us to be examples of true faith and purity.
With You all things are possible, may we always do You will
And when we do all that we can, let us wait for You and be still.

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