Monday, January 23, 2012

"Refiner's Fire" By: C.C.

"The process of the purification of our souls is never finished, and will end only with our death. We must not be upset by our imperfections; instead, we must recognize them and learn to combat them. And it is in fighting against our imperfections without being discouraged by them that our very perfection consists." (St. Francis De Sales)
It is important that we each recognize the process of purification in our journey of faith. It is through this understanding that we can maintain perspective and accept the way that our Lord seeks to transform our hearts, minds, souls, and bodies to be the best version of ourselves. When we surrender and allow God to work within us, we are permitting Him to shape and mold us as He desires. This process is not always pleasant and may bring about discomfort. In these times we must remain focused on our Lord with faith that all of this is done in order for us to become the person He has called us to be. It is through gaining this perspective that we will be able to tread the waters of our ongoing conversion and purification process. As our imperfections are brought to light let us seek the blessing in recognizing them. This is a chance for each of us to change, to fight them, and to grow in deeper relationship with ourselves and our faith. Lord, today I pray that each of us may recognize our imperfections and have the strength to combat them. Give us the clarity to see You working in our lives to make us the best version of ourselves. Though we know perfection is unattainable help us strive to live by Your word and teachings. May we turn towards the Sacraments as a means of gaining all we need to endure the things that come. Help us respond to Your call as the Apostles did. Have Your way with every heart and every seeking soul. Lord thank You for loving us so much and for calling us to be Holy. Purify every heart and take total control in our lives until we are home with You. Amen (C.C.)

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