Thursday, March 22, 2012

His Glory. By: C.C.

"How can you believe, since you look to each other for glory and are not concerned with the glory that comes from the one God?" (John 5:44)

In reading today's Gospel I have felt compelled to share this verse from John in my reflection. How often do each of us along our journey of faith lose sight of He who is glory? We may find ourselves fervent in prayer, honoring Him above all, and then somehow giving into the expectations that have developed within us toward the external things in our lives. In doing this there may be a gradual pull away from our Lord. In failing to look toward Him for glory and recognizing that He is the source of all of our joy, love, and happiness, we begin to place unrealistic expectations on "things" and people in our lives. In our brokenness we seek affirmation from others. Seeking things in our surroundings that no human being or material item is capable of providing us. We have a need for much more than anyone we encounter can satisfy. As we turn to today's Gospel we can reflect upon our own faith. Let us acknowledge the times in which we have turned toward our brothers and sisters for glory instead of recognizing the true glory given by God alone. May we understand that it is through serving Him that we truly attain glory beyond measure. We must make the choice each day to live from faith and must honor the Lord through our actions and dealings with others. May we strive to live our lives with humility and a steadfast desire to please Him above all. Let us turn today toward our Lord and pray that everything we do will be pleasing to Him. Amen. (C.C.)

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