Saturday, May 26, 2012

I have recently written this poem dedicated to our Catholic Church..

Holy Catholic Church. By: C.C.
She was built upon a solid foundation
of tradition and truth.
A faith deeply felt and understood
by most from youth.
Troubling for some;
locked into the Word they broke free.
Unleashing themselves from the Eucharist yet,
lonely She would not be.
Pulled out of sin, darkness, and despair
Was St. Augustine with his repenting prayer
Others tried to sway Her with their philosophy and science,
to that She responded with St. Thomas Aquinas.
The selfless love of Bl. Mother Teresa had the world in awe
so many ran to Her doorsteps now,
For surely it was Jesus whom they saw.
You see the fear has always been, and threatened unity,
But still She presses forward with strong leaders and laity.
The world would see the darkness and the wolves within
But our Holy Catholic Church lives on;
Surviving with truth through sin.
Though many may walk away, our pews will never empty
And in my times of doubt;
it's more than faith that kept me.
The truth of Her foundation and our Lord's unending love,
keeps Her so protected...
Her sword and Shield from above.

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