Monday, June 11, 2012

His Time Is Not Our Time. By: C.C.

"For a stalk to grow or a flower to open there must be time that cannot be forced; nine months must go by for the birth of a human child; to write a book or compose music, often years must be dedicated to patient research. To find the mystery there must be patience, interior purification, silence, waiting." (Blessed Pope John Paul II)
          Recently,  I have written and reflected on the way that we are called to resign completely to the will of God. In doing so we allow ourselves to be open and receptive to the truest plan and design for our lives. Within this surrendering there are many decisions that we will eventually have to make as our Lord reveals certain things to us. These choices may challenge us at times, and yet simultaneously prompt us to look upward in prayer and constant surrender to our Lord.
        As we seek to please Him and commit to His will we start to humbly understand how small and incapable we are if left to our own works. One may also begin to become more aware of the fact that they have a lot less control over the events of their lives than they had once thought. In this state of awareness and revelation, we begin to experience and acknowledge the Lord working in our lives in a manner much different than before. It is amazing, wonderful, exciting, confusing, challenging, and absolutely necessary. As one starts to "taste and see the goodness of the Lord" it is quite natural to yearn for more and more of this "goodness". Often, this yearning leads us to a state of impatience. Once we have resigned to the will of God we must also allow Him to work in His time.
        Blessed Pope John Paul II reminds us that the most intricate and beautiful things known to this world take time. It is through trusting God in faith and resigning to His will, that we are also called to be patient. Just as our Lord knows what is best for our lives, He is also knowing of when we are best suited for everything He provides. Let us strive for the strength and trust in our Lord so that we can allow Him to work in His time. May we come to understand that God does not work in accordance with the time restraints by which we live, but that He will always be right on time for us.
       Lord, tonight I pray that we may all continue to resign ourselves to Your will. In doing so, provide us with the patience and humility to see Your design unfold in our lives. As we find ourselves waiting for You Lord, may we also understand that You are already with us right where we are. Help us to always look toward You..trusting that Your time is the only time we should keep. In our moments of impatience and anxiety guide us back to Your love. May the warmth, compassion, and the immaculate heart of Mary keep us comforted. Thank you Lord for knowing us better than we know ourselves, for calling us toward You, and wanting us to share in Your joy. Amen. (C.C.)


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  1. Yes indeed, what you have written is true, C.C. Bless you.