Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Leper's Lesson. By: C.C

" In some way, all of us are like the lepers. We all live at times with our feelings numbed by the harsh realities of life; at times we feel the wasting effects of the enemy's warfare, and at other times we feel bitterly isolated from others." (Claire Cloninger)
      The Gospels provide us with the opportunity for better understanding our Lord and the way that we are called to live through serving Him and one another. Most importantly, in reading the Gospel passages we can see the ways that our Lord loves us and the distances that He will go in order to aid us in our times of greatest need.
    In some ways, it is true that we are like the lepers. As the author states we all live through the harsh realities of life and can battle greatly with many feelings as a result of these "life-shudderings". It is here we can draw a correlation between ourselves and the lepers that we read about in Scripture (Matthew 8: 1-4) --and through this potentially come to understand the healing power of our Lord.
   In acknowledging this truth, one must also be willing to recognize the immense faith of the lepers that sought Jesus for healing. While many people continued living with great skepticism and resistance of the truth, the afflicted lepers did not hesitate to flock to the Lord with desperation and profound belief that He could indeed heal them.
    As we experience affliction it is by having great faith in our healing Lord that we truly come to know His mercy and love for us. Amen (C.C.)

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