Sunday, September 9, 2012

Persevere In Faith. By: C.C.

"When something happens and we cannot understand the reason for it, we are inclined to think that there is no reason behind the events of this world. However, it is a matter of faith that since God is the Creator and Master of everything, He guides everything carefully by His Providence; He directs and embraces all creation. Especially as regards ourselves, God often allows our lives to be turned upside down by many setbacks. He desires us to walk by faith and not by sight, so that we might seek peace in Him alone! (St. Francis De Sales)

     Even those living with faith in God battle with accepting certain realities in their lives. Our natural instinct is to hunger for reason, for answers, and for some sense of finality so that we can be at "peace". It is through faith and seeking God where one is met with the Divine mystery, the need for surrender, and the reality that one can not truly understand the Providence of our Lord- but rather, realize that the happenings in our lives can only become easier to embrace and accept by our complete surrender into the loving hands of our Lord. We must have faith.
     It is difficult to share these sentiments with someone who is suffering, who is going through a difficult time, a loss, an illness, desolation, and other various challenging circumstances. The concept of faith may seem like some unreachable ideology to them. A place that only the joyous can venture. However, in turning toward our faith and the lesson of the Cross, one can open themselves up to an immense healing.
     St. Francis De Sales writes " God often allows our lives to be turned upside down by many setbacks"..a potential question provoked by this statement might be "Why would our Lord allow these set backs to occur?" De Sales goes on to share the very answer to this question by explaining that God desires us to walk by faith and to "seek peace in Him alone".
The setbacks that our Lord may allow are overcome and made fruitful by seeking Him above all. By turning to our Lord fully, openly, and lovingly we can obtain a peace of heart and love that exceeds all understanding and expectation. Although it is difficult to keep this mentality and faith driven thinking during the circumstances that we may face..we must persevere in devotion to our Lord and help others to do the same.
     Lord, It is often hard to see the reason for what may be occurring in our lives. At times we do not know where it is You are leading us, or what You want us to learn through the process. Teach us Lord to surrender ourselves daily to Your plan. Help us remain faithful to You and give us the courage and trust to persevere. Thank you Lord for your unconditional love for us and for the chance each day to have the opportunity to love You more and to better serve Your will. Strengthen us in faith Lord and let us be Your instruments as we deal with those who live without faith. We pray Lord, for the intercession of all the Angels and Saints and for the love and compassion of our Holy Mother Mary. May we grow in faith each day and seek peace in You alone. Amen (C.C.)

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding"
(Proverbs 3:5)

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  1. A wonderful sharing, CC.
    It takes real maturity to persevere in faith, as you have written.