Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Full Parking Lot, Tight Seating In Pews- It's Easter Time By: C.C.


    It is easy during this time of our liturgical year to have varying emotions regarding the Easter celebration at our parishes. Similar to the Christmas season there seems to be an abundance of cars in the parking lot and many more seated in pews (and yes, standing against the back walls!).
   The thought of this makes each of us look a littler deeper within ourselves and truly evaluate our hearts. As we consider what it means to follow Jesus, we must also understand what it truly means to be an ambassador of Christ.
Do we show the love by which we are sent? Are we quick to judge and belittle those around us?            
    Regardless of the sentiments that lead many to Mass, it is Our Lord who has placed this desire within every heart. While we may have to give up our self reserved pew space at Mass this Sunday and avoid playing bumper cars in the parking lot- let us return our focus to the Lord and to the message of love by which He was sent to us and died for.
   May we come to see our own unworthiness and find through this humility His abundant love. Let us recognize throughout Holy Week the importance of extending ourselves in love and being able to be true examples of He whom we follow. May we pray for all of our brothers and sisters who have fallen away from the Catholic Church. Let us recognize the power of our witness and faithful walk; remembering our constant need for reform and self sacrifice. 
   After many years away from the Church, I was met by the warm embrace of a parishioner;I knew I had come home, and I have not looked back since. We are His instruments.

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