Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lightly And Joyously Through Darkness. By: C.C.

"Let us walk lightly and joyously amid the difficulties of this passing life. Let us willingly accept the mortifications, pains and afflictions that we find on the way. We are certain that these trials will end with this life, after which there will be only joy and eternal consolations." (St. Francis De Sales)

    To walk "lightly and joyously amid the difficulties of this passing life" is a difficult task as we are being faced with tribulation and suffering. De Sales speaks of the eternal consolations that await us, and yet, as we continue our earthly journey it can often seem that the eternal consolation for which we strive is far away. 
   Even those with strong faith can find themselves in moments of despair and confusion as they seek to understand what is going on around them. There are numerous events that have taken place within these recent weeks that can lead one to feel spiritually deflated. From the Gosnell trial, Boston bombing, and the death of Rehtaeh Parsons there is no doubt a need as followers of Christ to be reminded of the joy through which we are called to face our suffering. A joy that does not imply an avoidance or excusing of the evils surrounding us, but rather a joyous suffering as we offer up everything to our all loving Father with trust. In suffering we come to understand what it means to "carry the Cross" of Jesus.
   When faced with tragedy and affliction our need for the Lord is reaffirmed. We recognize the immense hope, faith, and trust required. Beyond this, we come to seek a purpose for this suffering and what it means for each of us as Catholics. 
   Let the weight of this Cross, and those that will come push us onward in faith with a longing and desire to make visible the love of Christ by which we are sent. Let us turn time and time again to our Lord where we may be gifted with the grace to continue on in fervent prayer and trust. We must remind ourselves that "He will not forsake us", and that it is through Him that we will have the strength to endure whatever may come. Let us continue to seek His light, remembering that we are called to share this light in the world with others. We are truly "Children of the light" through unity, faith, and prayer may we all gather at this time in certainty "that these trials will end with this life, after which there will be only joy and eternal consolations" 
   Lord thank you for the gift of faith. We thank you for calling us to serve and suffer with you so that we too may know the joy of eternity. As we face tribulation we ask for your mercy and grace so that we will press on in faith and persistent prayer. Provide us with the strength to be your light through this darkness, enabling us to be your instruments. We pray that "your will be done on earth as it is in heaven" Amen. (C.C.)