Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lost, Sought, And Found; A Surrender To Faith. By: C.C.

"God manifests himself in what is hidden. Therefore if you try to find Him you don't He shows Himself when there is no "you" to look for Him." (Thomas Merton)

    We can not see God because we lack the humility required to see the Divine reality at work. We can not share God properly because we lack the love that enables us to partially understand Whom we are sent by. In the often tireless seeking of God we can become deflated and exhausted. One may even become full of doubt and disenchantment with the idea of an all loving and all merciful Father present among us. As we busy ourselves pursuing things of this world we must be reminded that God, though present to us is not found within this world but is seen by seeking Eternal life. The Divine reality is only made visible by a yearning to fulfill the call of holiness.
    It is truly God who calls each of us, it is God who first sought us. Our action is one of allowing Him to find us; a complete surrender to the love. We do not pursue God as we pursue the things of this world. The true success of our spiritual life consists of getting out of our own way to make dwelling room for our Lord.
    We can only begin this journey when we become open. Before we can be open to our Lord's love we must have a willingness to receive faith. There must be a faith in things unseen, and simultaneously a yearning to see them. To accept this has become difficult for many as they spend time clinging to tangible things. Everything one can touch, see, taste, and smell is the only truth that they are willing to commit themselves to. All of the fleshy driven passions are those most accessible by the world and seemingly easy to fulfill; yet, still there remains an emptiness.
   To live by faith means to accept and trust; it means to love. Faith is initiated by love; because God is love. Catherine de Hueck Doherty writes " Through faith the veil between God and man becomes less and less until it seems as if we can almost reach out and touch God." May we be open to receiving this faith each day, humbly striving in love toward God who is able to fulfill the deepest desires of our heart. (C.C.)

"My God, if we were to love You alone - You in all things and all things in You - how wonderful that would be!"  (St. Augustine)

Kari Jobe- The More I seek You (a beautiful song)


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