Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Working For Holiness While Working. By: C.C.

"True holiness does not mean a flight from the world; rather, it lies in the effort to incarnate the Gospel in everyday life, in the family, at school and at work, and in social and political involvement."(Bl. Pope John Paul)

   To live while keeping ones mind on the Eternal does not mean an avoidance of the present day reality in which we find ourselves. We are each called to holiness given our state in life. There is great confusion when we see this as something separate from where we currently find ourselves. Often by means of frantic searching and longing for God we completely pass Him by; as He is always with us.
   It is dangerous to compartmentalize our faith and only turn to the Gospel when in Mass or in times of personal prayer. Our call to holiness is not just a call to participate in our Sunday obligation or something we think about before closing our eyes at night. As Blessed Pope John Paul II reminds us "true holiness lies in the effort to incarnate the Gospel in everyday life". 
   This idea of incarnating the Gospel is inclusive of our daily tasks and duties. From the most mundane base things to the most glorious, we are perpetually called to holiness. There have been numerous writings from our beloved Saints and many great spiritual authors suggesting ways of accomplishing this. For many of us who try to lead a devout life while immersed within a secular setting this presents a great challenge.While we may often feel most surrounded by our Lord as we sit in Adoration or pray quietly, we must recognize that as we work, engage with family, and fulfill other obligations that He is ever present. 
  We are called to be witnesses of our faith. We are called to "show what we know" and act as the Easter people that we are. Though it is easy to become consumed with our duties and lose sight of He who provides what we need most to accomplish our tasks, an honest effort to incarnate the Gospel must be made. 
  Lord, we ask your mercy for the times that we have fallen victim to our work and obligations. Help us draw nearer to You and bring You into each moment of our working day. Provide us with the clarity so that we may come to see You within our work; recognizing that it is only "through you that all things are made possible". Meet us Lord in our housework, in our morning traffic, in the office, the classroom, the boardroom, and wherever else we are called to serve. May we come to not only read the words of the Gospel but truly incarnate them as to better serve You and share the joy, love, and peace that only You can give. Amen (C.C.)