Saturday, May 25, 2013

Prayerful Through Persecution. By: C.C.

"Many people [in authority] oppose us, persecute us, and would like even to destroy us, but we must be patient. As long as their commands are not against our conscience, let us obey them, but when the case is otherwise, let us uphold the rights of God and of the Church, for those are superior to all earthly authority." (Don Bosco)

     In facing opposition we come to a deeper understanding of what we truly stand for. Simultaneously we are presented with an awareness of our own convictions. It is this same reality that arouses within us great responsibility. It calls us to awaken and examine our consciences. 
   If we seek to uphold the rights of God and of the Church then we must first seek to uphold ourselves in faith, humility, and love for which we are called. We must first humbly examine ourselves in order to realize that often the values and truth that we long to defend is rarely reflected by our lives.
   In this way persecution and opposition can call us to a fullness of our faith. It can lead us to search for a deeper union with God . It serves as a reminder of how far we have flown from our Lord, and from the values that we should be exuding if we consider ourselves faithful followers of Christ and of The Holy Catholic Church. 
   Prior to our reacting we must find ourselves in personal reflection. Let us examine our consciences, peering through the windows of our own soul before we chase down external injustice. 
   If we truly long for the peace of God to surround us, then we must first build His peace within. Our Lord has promised "to set us free from the hands of our enemies, free to worship him without fear, holy and righteous in his sight all the days of our life." (Canticle of Zechariah) If we believe His words and in the oath that He has made, then the way in which we uphold the rights of God and of the Church stems from a place of faith and love. It should reflect the Gospel. 
  When faced with opposition and persecution let us recall the promises of our Lord and most importantly let us renew our promise to follow Him faithfully each day; upholding by our lives the rights of God and of the Church. We can not claim to be for God if we do not spend time with Him in prayer, we can not defend that which we do not know, and we can not claim injustice if we do not live by truth. Let us remain in fervent prayer, reminding ourselves that the Church is held together by Divine Hands and that we do not work alone.  (C.C.)   

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