Saturday, July 13, 2013

Chastity: Clarity to Discern and to Love. By:C.C.

     The virtue of Chastity is presented quite prominently today. However, it is still something that many may dance around discussing and addressing due to the fact that well, we are asking people to address the matter of sex. How does one do this without crossing "the line'? It is accomplished by presenting human sexuality through the lens of He who drew the line in the first place. We do most justice to matters of our sexuality by drawing nearer to our Lord to understand what this beautiful gift so misused and misunderstood today is truly all about. Through this we are able to become aware of the intended purpose of our sexuality and how each of us individually are called to live it out. We become aware that chastity is not a "death sentence" or something proposed so that we will not enjoy our sexuality, but rather, it is a means for us to experience true freedom, true joy, and unity in a way that often exceeds our understanding. 
    Sexuality is not separate from God, or bad, but it belongs so appropriately, intimately, and beautifully with Him that it must be utilized in accordance with His will and design to fulfill it's full purpose. When we understand our sexuality in accordance to the will of God then we are truly being led toward the greatest of joys. 
   God's will is often ignorantly perceived of as being authoritarian, punishing, and strict which leads many to buy into the lie of using sex as a means of recreation and "liberation" which ultimately leads them to becoming enchained by lust and unable to experience the depth of intimacy that is beyond physical limitations. Where is the liberty in that? It is this misguided understanding of human sexuality that has added to the evils we face in today's society..abortion,sexual addiction, pornography, adultery, and the destruction of family life. 
     There is a fulfillment of relationship and understanding of human intimacy on a divine level that can not be attained or experienced by disordered physical and sexual intimacies. There is a bareness through which we approach God when we are not consumed in lust; and also, the way we encounter our brothers and sisters in Christ is a much more profound and genuine experience. Chastity invites us to experience the love of God and the love of one another in purity. 
  Sexuality is a gift from God and living chaste is a gift that we give to God, but ultimately one that in turn gives so much more in abundance to us. Often, we are led to think that chastity is all about our "future spouse", and while the importance of chastity before and within marriage is undeniable, chastity is a call for all of us primarily for union with God Himself. It is by living chaste and seeking to grow in relationship with our Heavenly Father that we can discern with clarity and are ultimately led to where God wills us to be (marriage or religious life). It is through chastity that we can see the immensity of what God has gifted us with and can hear Him calling us His beautiful beloved. Like all things on our spiritual path there are challenges and trials in living chaste, but we do not work alone. May we invoke the intercession of our Heavenly Father, all the angels and saints , and our Blessed Mother Mary as we seek to live out chastity.
      Heavenly Father we thank you for the gift of our sexuality. Help us always to acknowledge this as a gift from You and provide us with strength to live in purity as we strive to serve You. Lord forgive our sins and protect all of us from temptations and from lust. We pray especially for the intercession of Our Blessed Mother to wrap her mantle of love around our shoulders and guide us along our journey toward purity. Amen (C.C.)

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  1. This is beautiful! May I please quote you! God bless, Cindy