Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Glorifying God. By: CC

We can only be something in the world for God when we become aware of what we are not. It is by our humility and humanness that God is enabled to shine through us.When we forget this simple truth we cease to be the light of Christ in the world and risk becoming rooted in selfishness.Our work though seemingly active will not be as effective as it can be unless it is entrusted fully to the will of God. 
   To seek good deeds and to will the betterment of our surroundings is a noble task, yet, when it is taken on with solely self-motive it will fall ever so short of reaching the goal for which we are striving.
Often even those tasks undertaken within our parish communities can be those entrenched with selfish desires. It is a constant work to examine our consciences and our hearts in everything that we commit to. Our goal in all things should be for the glory of God,to share the joy that He has provided to us and to extend ourselves beyond our comforts into the service of others. The proof of God`s will behind our endeavors will be in the `fruits`of our labor. Let us strive each day to draw nearer to our Lord and Lady. Entrusting all to them as we carry on in the joy and hope promised to us by our Lord. (CC) 


  1. I agree with you on this. In fact a friend of mine, who is an educator, like yourself, had an idea to offer a formative program for Catholic teachers. This post reminded me that we need to put into practice.

  2. Tima, Thank you for your thoughts! I understand and value your friend's sentiments about teacher formation.
    It was wonderful sharing faith last night at the evening of reflection! +JMJ