Sunday, November 3, 2013

Holy Heroism Through Humility. By: C.C.

Photo from St. Augustine's Seminary Chapel in Toronto

"Humility is the foundation of all the other virtues hence, in the soul in which this virtue does not exist there cannot be any other virtue except in mere appearance" (St. Augustine)

     To climb the heights toward holiness first requires an honest acknowledgement of one's lowliness. It is only by recognizing our faults and weaknesses that we are brought to a greater understanding of ourselves and a deeper awareness of our need for the Lord in our lives. When we are open to identifying the inner shades of our hearts we can open ourselves to experiencing the Lord's mercy and love. It takes great humility to see ourselves in the light of truth, and simultaneously it is this vulnerability that is the most beautiful and most pleasing to our Lord. It is an invitation for Him to dwell within us and help us attain purity of heart. We become more by first becoming less. Humility allows us to see our limitations and the infinite capabilities of the Divine.
   We pay God a great compliment by recognizing our lowliness so that He may shine forth His majesty through us. God loves us immeasurably. It is a love that demands more because we have been made for more than what we perceive or settle for. 
    It is important to separate the idea of regarding ones lowliness as a form"self-hatred". It is by developing a deeper sense of self-awareness and a keener understanding of who our Lord is that can enable us to embrace a desire for humility as being rooted in love. Through humility we are aware of our constant need for conversion and renewal through the grace, love, and mercy of our Lord. This virtue was seen in the lives of our beloved saints. Those whom have been raised with great veneration in our Church are the holy men and women who walked this earth seeing themselves as "lowly servants". 

   Humility welcomes healing and freedom; it allows us to grow in other virtues. Saint Augustine reminds us that the foundation of all virtue is built upon humility, and that anything without this is empty and mere appearance. Humility allows us to see who we are not and who God is. It can enable us to take the first step toward becoming who we have been called to be in Christ. We, Lord, are Your lowly servants. Help us to grow in the virtue of humility each day. Enable us to see the truth of ourselves and turn more fervently toward the truth found only in You. Help us to always welcome the transformation of your love and mercy in our lives. Keep us humble so that You may shine through us, and may the perceived greatness of our works always be done for your glory. (CC)  

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