Thursday, January 9, 2014

It Isn't About You, It's About the Eucharist;It is About Jesus. By:C.C.

"So that if you believe in that extraordinary transcendent moment of union, maybe if the homily isn't as exciting as you hoped it would be, or the music isn't as elevating as you would have liked it, you can look beyond those elements and see the heart of what is taking place, and I think Catechesis in this area is absolutely essential. There could have been other people who have had very sad experiences. But, in dialogue, in conversation, maybe we can help these people to find their way back." (Bishop Salvatore Matano)

     In order to 'see the heart of what is taking place', or rather, in order to see and experience The Sacred Heart of Jesus who loves us and yearns for us, one must first be consumed by a personal love for our Lord and have an encounter with Him; a true encounter that is not swayed by the external elements which often fail (thankfully so) to 'excite' our selfish sensuality.God alone satisfies. When we are left unfulfilled by the peripheral things it is   affirmation of our misguided gaze. By looking toward Him to whom our heart and attention most belongs we are able to partake reverently in the 'extraordinary transcendent moment of union' with great joy.  
   The Mass is an invitation to a deeper encounter and experience with our Lord. It is an opportunity to receive Christ fully present to us in the Blessed Sacrament.
  By recognizing that the 'heart of what is taking place' is more about His heart inflamed with love for us, we can each come to experience the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass with a fullness of heart. We can be consumed by the power of our Lord's presence in the Eucharist and be transformed. Only then will we be able to arrive at a place of peace and joy of love for our Lord that surpasses the capabilities and limitations of homilies, and even the power of musical elevation. 
  I once read something quite powerful from Mark Hart that furthers these important points, Hart explains "It is never about the peripheral things. They are only the glass and the face of the compass. Christ is the needle pointing us back to God. The Mass is bigger than the personalities associated with it. The Lord did not give us the gift of the church to make us miserable. Christ does not take on flesh in the Eucharist to dwell unnoticed or unappreciated in the corners of our churches. He has come to dwell in us. He is available."
  When we place the peripheral things above the importance of our Lord, when we seek alone to create great entertainment, we forget about the presence of His greatness seeking to humbly satisfy the deepest yearning of our hearts.
  Many have had sad experiences, many are misguided and unfulfilled. As the faithful, if we truly believe in that 'extraordinary transcendent moment of union' we can aid our brothers and sisters toward an encounter and experience with the heart of our Lord. We can invite Christ dwelling within us to use us as His compass and lead others back to God and into the fullness of faith. (CC)

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  1. I love this: "By recognizing that the 'heart of what is taking place' is more about His heart inflamed with love for us, we can each come to experience the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass with a fullness of heart." It's so true isn't it? Many let peripherals get in the way of recognizing this profound truth. He has loved us first and made himself available to us. Why worry about the entertainment value? The other thing to consider though is that many are not yet at a level of being able to recognize the immense blessing of God present as food in the Eucharist. They're still stuck "in their senses" so to speak. It's our job to work to make them see, right?