Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Judgement of Others. By: C.C.

"Sound doctrine must be maintained. We must never judge in arrogant haughtiness persons who do not embrace our mode of life. We must never say that it is no use for them to live chastely in the married state, to direct their houses and families in a Christian way, or to heap up for themselves heavenly treasures by their acts of mercy." (St. Augustine)

   To maintain sound doctrine is an essential part of maintaining truth and unity. It is to preserve identity. St. Augustine reminds us that 'we must never judge in arrogant haughtiness persons who do not embrace our mode of life'. Rather, it can be suggested that we should strive to embrace our Lord and the reason for our life more intently. Taking what we have been taught and know by the grace of faith to live our lives as followers of Christ and His Church.
  We must concern ourselves less with the salvation of others and set our gaze upon our own affairs. Being harsh to judge oneself, and recognize our own inadequacies and lack of faith.In this manner we will be busy striving toward the Lord with a fullness of devotion and repentance that we will have little time to observe the faults of others. This arrogant observation is often the result of our own pride. 
   We must be humble; seeing ourselves fully, our own affairs, and our own hearts. 
Our Lord has called us to love Him above all things and to love neighbor as oneself. In this judgement where is our love? In judging with 'arrogant haughtiness' the lives of others where is our love of neighbour? 
   We must exude this love and faith through action. Loving our neighbour through their faults, guiding them gently without force along a path that we, in faith attempt to walk. We must be witnesses. (CC)

"But be doers of the word, and not hearers only" (James 1:22)

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