Friday, February 28, 2014

What God Has Joined. By: C.C.

" Therefore, what God has joined together, let no man separate." (Mark 10:9)

   The sanctity of marriage is often overlooked today and sadly detached from being regarded as an important vocation. Throughout scripture we are provided with various references to married life, and also the the beauty of the 'wedding feast'.
   At the wedding of Cana we bear witness to our Lord's miracle of turning water into wine; a powerful moment, and one that can be reflected as Jesus' immense love and desire to aid young married couples. The wedding at Cana furthers our understanding of His immense providence and mercy on those in need. If only we invite Him to the feast, if only we allow Him into our marriages. 
   Today's Gospel also provides us with instruction concerning the law of divorce. The response given from our Lord is not one to demand that we settle in difficulties or remain in marriages that are 'troubled' it is a plea to us so that we understand upon entering the Sacrament what is demanded and required of this vocation. It is the choice to embrace the challenges that may come with faith and hope. It is an invitation to embrace our Lord so that we can have clarity of discernment if we are called to married life.
     If 'no man should separate what God has joined' then we must live by first seeking God and learn who we are in Him so that we will be joined together with one whom God has called us to. "The joy of Yes forever", as Pope Francis reminds us is attainable by remembering that the foundation of all Christian marriages is to be in relationship with Jesus. 
  We must remember that through the Sacrament of Marriage two become one by our Lord's grace, in His love, and only through being bound to Him will the marriage be a source of 'Divine love' as intended. This is not an easy pursuit, but one made fruitful by remaining in constant regard for our Lord and His will for our lives. 
   As I prepare to enter into this Sacrament, I see before me a lot of unknown. There is a veil between what I can see presently, and that which I will venture toward with my future spouse. I cling most strongly to the love and providence of our Lord and Blessed Mother. 
   I have read various confessions of Catholic brides and other blog posts that highlight some of the experiences attributed to 'planning a Catholic wedding' and all things catering to the final 'crunch days' before the vows. This time is undoubtedly hectic, but beautiful. It is a preparation to share myself fully with another, to journey together,  and as a friend told me, my spouse will be a " Partner in this life as he helps you seek and love your eternal spouse more deeply and vice-versa. This life is but a journey to the real life in God".
   We journey together to enter into the wedding feast of our Lord. This is more than the external things of planning. This design for marriage that our Lord reveals to us is more than the flowers, and garments, and planning. It is more than the abundance of wine. It is a journey lived by the grace of our Lord with great faith in His promises. Let us pray for marriages and for all vocations, that our Lord may sustain and guide all of His children. (C.C.)

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