Friday, April 18, 2014

A Look Down From The Cross: By C.C.

A Look Down From The Cross.
By: C.C.
It was on Mount Calvary
   where I showed my love for thee.
Those who loved me,
those who judged me,
all who mourned there
I hoped to free.
And though wounded
my heart grew faithful
for my Father to welcome me;
into His Kingdom
where I would wait for
those who loved me;
in Eternity.
And I see my children struggle.
My followers cling to me.
I look now down from Heaven
with grace and mercy to set them free.
And though times they may seem trying,
I am here to take you by the hand...
do "this in memory of me"
that you may understand.
I have not left you
But I remain
Body and Blood.
I call you to remember
for you to know my love for you.
 Turn your ear to hear my voice
I offer myself for you in love.
Upon this Cross and looking down
So that you may set your eyes on the Eternal.
So that you may know where all is found.

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