Thursday, April 10, 2014

Perfect Timing: By: C.C.

"Faith in God includes faith in His timing." - Neil Maxwell

    We are wired for more. We are created for much more than what we can accumulate through merit, and receive through consumption. We have been created by a God who loves us unconditionally and is worthy of our complete trust. There is a hunger within each of us that can only be satisfied by Him. "God has placed in the human heart a desire to know the truth—in a word, to know himself "(Bl. John Paul II) It is God's grace that awakens us to the reality of our need for more than what we may seemingly want, and provides the fulfillment of our deepest desires. It is through the gift of our free-will that we are able to pursue the path that we choose for ourselves or the path set before us by our Lord. We are presented with an invitation of love and not one rooted in fear. 
   When we seek the Lord's will above our own, we discover that our longings and deep desires have been placed lovingly into our hearts by Him. The choice to follow His path and live in accordance with His ways provides for us the clarity to recognize and experience fulfillment in the way that God intends for our life. 
  Through faith we are not only called to have trust in His providence, but also to patient endurance and acceptance of God's timing.  There are moments in our lives when trusting God's love and providence is easier than others. We are faced with many challenges and trials that can leave us in a state of impatience and unrest. We can be led to question the 'whereabouts' of this God who loves us, when our circumstances seem to be everything but loving.
   It is in these moments of apparent absence that our Lord is ever more near to us. His presence does not cease to be despite what we may feel or perceive. Faith is a continual practice of reaffirming our belief in God and not altering this with the changes that we  may encounter in our lives. Despite the fluidity of our experiences and circumstances, we are called to 'steadfast hope, prayer, and faith' in God.
    "Faith in God includes faith in His timing". Through further practice of prayer and through an openness to God we are able to cultivate a trust in our Lord that can encourage us to accept everything we are to face with a sense of peace. By remaining rooted in our Lord we do not sway with the 'winds of change' but remain ever fixed and grounded in Him who truly sustains us and provides. 
  Our Lord has created us for a purpose, and He has called us. We are not to fear what may come, but to leave everything trustingly in God's hands. Let us patiently strive to endure what comes and seek to remain in the present moment rested in Him. His timing is truly best. We can be assured by faith that wherever we are called to serve, and in whatever state of life we find ourselves, The Lord prepares us in His time, out of love for us, for His will, and His glory.(CC)

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