Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Abandonment and Trust In God. By: C.C.

"Abandoning ourselves to God means renouncing your own plans and visions, leaving everything behind so that you can devote yourself totally to the Lord.  We are so full of our own plans and our own visions while God's will and God's plans are often different. Then God must frustrate our plans. However, the frustration of our plans is a blessing because they are being frustrated by the love that always wants what is good for us." ( Fr. Tadeusz Dajczer)
   Having faith in God is not limited to solely believing in His existence. We are constantly presented with opportunities to affirm our faith throughout life's moments by our cooperation and obedience to God through responding to the challenges that place our faith into question.
   Our faith in God pours into every avenue of our lives and into the most ordinary temporal things that we are faced with. To abandon ourselves to Him is to faithfully trust that God's plan and His vision for us exceeds what we can plot or fathom for ourselves.
    To have faith in God is to willingly cooperate with His grace in our lives and to endure with hope during moments of great difficulty. Tribulation is inevitable. Moments of struggle and trial can become filled with great meaning and recognized as grace if we renounce ourselves and our own will to that of our Lord.           
     How often we desire things for ourselves that we believe will lead us to great joy. How many times we map out our own idealistic timeline for things to happen and our lives to unfold according to our own vision. Our desire and our drive for success and happiness is a very healthy and good thing. To have great regard for our own well being is not something that is upsetting to God, however we are invited to place our complete trust and reliance upon our Lord who lovingly "always wants what is good for us". 
  When we become over confident in our own designs and feel as if we are in control of it all we will eventually experience the "frustration of our plans". These frustrations are indeed a blessing as Fr. Dajzcer reminds us, even if we do not recognize this in the moments of upset.        Our Lord well knows the desires of our heart and has placed them there for a purpose. Trusting in Him allows us to recognize that this purpose unfolds in God's time and only then will our desires be fulfilled in their proper place in accordance to what is best for us. (CC) 

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