Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Recognizing Grace. By: C.C.

     A challenge we encounter in striving toward holiness throughout our lives is the continual surrender to trust in God's goodness in the face of change and adversity.  The Saints of our Church, especially "The Little Flower", who we celebrate today models for us ways to incorporate this perpetual renewal of trust in God's loving providence by recognizing everything as grace.
   These words have always called my own lack of virtue into question as I dealt with the perceived reality of living in seemingly adverse situations, and at times failing to maintain regard for God's goodness.
     Our human condition exposes us to the reality of misfortune and suffering. There is loss and agony, there are pitfalls and shortcomings, there is adversity and tribulation. It is tempting to question and doubt the presence of God's goodness in these moments.It is by seeking Him through faith and remembering His promises to us that we can be consoled and open ourselves to recognizing the grace in everything. 
   We can praise God in all things by seeking the grace of each moment and circumstance. The numerous unmerited gifts of God that we do not earn by striving toward greatness, but receive through humble and lowly service to Christ provide all that we need.
  Our challenges and difficulties are filled with God's transforming grace. He does not cease to be present as we are never absent from His gaze, or from His love. Though we may often lose sight of His sight upon us we must faithfully and prayerfully endure everything that comes and rest trustingly in the presence of His loving grace. (CC) 

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