Monday, May 16, 2016

The Holy Spirit By: C.C.

The Holy Spirit, a gift to us, awakens our soul. It rouses us from the slumber of worldly concerns and gives life to the most essential part of our being. We can not seek Him by pursuit. We must be open, patient, and obedient to receive. We must be filled more with faith and trust than expectation.
We can not orchestrate the affairs of the Spirit. We can not have Him do what we please and most desire. Our flesh must lay motionless, our soul at His mercy. We are given this gift as an invitation to partake in the Divine life of our Lord in a special way. We must guard ourselves to not become over zealous and boastful. If we are too proud we will be humbled, often through immense humiliation and failure, so that nothing will be attributed to our own doing. Those who claim to be "alive in the Spirit" and proceed to act in such a manner of building a following for themselves, are in fact only alive in themselves and deeply misguided. 
The Holy Spirit is a bold wind. Penetrating through the most hard of heart. Awakening those who are dead.Yet, He is also gentle. Invasive not to disrupt us, but to save; a disruptive force of love. 
One can not seek to understand the Spirit, but simply respond with surrender. Even in the most difficult of circumstances there will be a steady hand leading the way.  
To believe in the Holy Spirit is to accept mystery. To find residing place in the unknown and have hope for what is to come. 
In faith and trust we go forth in the love of God. Renewed and strengthened by the Holy Spirit, we are sent out as humble servants and open vessels ready to receive His will.
Be still, be silent, be prayerful , and wait upon the Lord. (CC) "Come, Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth ".

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