Monday, February 20, 2017

Wealthy and Empty. By:C.C.

Blog first published April,2013

"All the wealth in the world cannot be compared with the happiness of living together happily united." (St. Marguerite d'Youville)

Today is Family Day in Ontario. It is a fitting time to reflect upon the family and the importance of striving to live happily united. The idea of wealth bringing happiness is largely promoted within our culture. There seems to be immense importance placed upon "things" rather than our relationships with one another.

There are line ups, and even sleep overs outside of department stores when the latest gadgets are released; as if the newest technological invention will somehow add to our self-worth and joy. We have "iPods", "iPhones", and yet we have forgotten about the "I" behind them.

There are bigger homes being bought, only to house empty souls. We have not only lost the concept of living "together happily united" but we have lost an understanding of happiness, togetherness, and unity entirely.

While there are many benefits and healthy ways that we can implore the privileged access we may have to material goods and modern technology, there is a danger when these "things" take precedent over our relationships with one another; most importantly our Lord, and His gift to us of one another.

These words from St. Marguerite d'Youville offer a response to our self-absorbed and highly ambitious society. They highlight a reality that is the result of striving to attain wealth over true fulfillment that can only be found in being happily united with one another. If we spent our time seeking the wealth of relationships and love within our families over material wealth we could better understand what it means to be truly wealthy.

We must learn to value one another. We must focus on preserving relationships with our loved ones, recognizing that no amount of money or material goods can replace the immeasurable value of those dear to us.

Lord, help us understand that by only seeking things of this world we will never find true happiness. Humble us so that we can turn to You with fullness of heart, yearning to understand and appreciate the blessings that You have given to us through our health, our families, and the simple gift of another day.

Provide clarity to those who are lost, and to those who may not recognize that only you can fill the radical void within their hearts.

May those who have material wealth use this as a means of being charitable and helpful to others. May our ambitions be rooted in the desire to please You and glorify Your name.

Thank you for all that You have given and for that which You take away. May we humbly seek to live together happily united until You call us home. Amen (C.C.)

Saint Michael, pray for us
Saint Joseph, pray for us
Saint Jochaim and Saint Anne, Pray for us
Holy Family, strength for all families, intercede for us.

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