Sunday, March 5, 2017

Cling to Christ By: C.C.

"Your home is in Heaven. All things of this world are transitory and passing. Do not cling to them lest you wish to perish with them" (Thomas a Kempis)

If Heaven is truly home then how do we make sense of our lives away from "home" and caught up in the daily dealings of the world? How do we truly come to understand the purpose and importance of our humanity immersed within a transitory and passing reality? 

These questions can only be answered by drawing nearer to He who is steadfast and constant. It is through faith to our Lord that we begin to have partial understanding of what this passing journey means for God's beloved. It is in this drawing nearer to Christ that we can begin to recognize the purpose of living each present moment with the conviction that we are made for something far beyond the tangible things of this world.

By turning to our Creator while immersed in His creation we can begin to live our lives with proper balance and the most genuine purpose. We can experience a sense of freedom from all things tangible and "hope for things unseen".

It is important to detach from all things in order that we may fasten ourselves so tightly to God. In this way we immerse ourselves in the world as He truly wills for us. As we strive for a deeper union with Christ we recognize that our presence to the things of this world becomes a means for answering the call to glorify God. We should strive to be so hidden and attached to Christ, living with the imperishable joy that He alone provides.

Lent is an appropriate time to detach from the temporal and work toward spiritual renewal. We are presented with a great opportunity in this season to cling more to Christ and not to the transitory and passing things of this world.(C.C.) 

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