Friday, March 30, 2018

Help Us To Know You Dead. By:C.C.

Today we stop to pay homage to Your going.
The sun shines intensely and it's wounding, radiant with reason for it's being.
Burnt offering proclaiming God's goodness,
and the darkness of Your endured absence.

To the tomb , to the tomb, dead within us.
Weeping without hope, insensible despair.
Hidden from this great unknown
Yet, known to us it is by grace of time , 
how unmerited it seems.

The dream they wept for 
we live out daily.
All of this faith, all of our disbelief
woven in the experience of Cross to tomb

We slumber there in disobedience of the garden 
Trembling with the obedient consent You prayed in yours. 

While they mourned the loss of their hope
We mourn in the disbelief that is frequently ours.
Standing at the Cross in solidarity, 
mourning at the tomb in confused offering .

Messy praise ,and faithless glory, unknown Lord.
At times we come so unprepared.
What we know to call good emerges from this darkness .

Why have You told the sun to shine so brightly today? 

Haunted by the grace of Your rising
Please Lord , help us to know You dead!
Help us to see Your lifeless and bloody body offered. 
Help us to stand beside our Mother, Your Mother , 
help us to feel that sword!

Help us help to lay you in the tomb...

Just so maybe, for once, we can purify what we think we own in faith
Yet lack to claim by love.

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