Monday, October 1, 2018

Never Alone By: C.C.

One thing that most humbles me in my walk with Christ and in striving to daily live out my faith, is the encounter with the awareness that others may not sense His nearness, that they should feel alone opposed to discovering that at the most radical point of solitude, if we truly give ourselves over toward faith and toward God , then we find there the most consoling company of all; our nearest Companion, and the truest capacity of communion.
The thought of one having to suffer loneliness or fear of being alone in being God's beloved, prompts me to such empathy and simultaneously such responsibility to shout as from a mountaintop that there is never any depth of loneliness too deep, or distance too far where God is not with us. We may not sense the closeness of peaceful sentiment perhaps at all times, we have no clarity to see beyond what God is presently doing, and we can't fathom or know the joy that lives just around the corner from where we are, or if it shall come. To reconcile ourselves to accepting the closeness of Christ and the nearness of His company that gives us more than anything we can imagine for ourselves, encourages us to live in the presence of God, and we then can rest in the trust of being God's beloved children. The peace of rest belonging to us most when we sit in trust, as my dear friend, Arleen once said on the comfy "beanbag chair of God" , and accept that we are loved. The awareness of this can be instructed, it must be learned deeply though by experience, often by the experiences that most wound us and pain us. Those times that unite us most deeply with the Cross are too the moments that confront us most intimately with the opportunity for resurrected joy born there. To question why some experience this clarity of grace or try and find a reason why people are perhaps disposed to the assurance of God's company is not important to answer. What is most vital is our need to live out from this place of understanding and depth of experience God's unconditional love toward all, including those we judge poorly as most far from Him. Our role becomes one of sharing the joy of the risen Lord by accompanying another at the Cross. To remind them that they are never alone , and to encourage there the experience of encountering the nearness of God's love that is "nearer to us than we are to ourselves". The joy of consenting to carry the Cross daily is encountering all of the unexpected "Simons" that the Lord sends our way to help carry the burden. Christ accompanies us in ways unknown to us, may we grow always in the awareness that we're never abandoned,never alone,but deeply loved.

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