Sunday, November 6, 2011

Child Find Your Faith Again. By: C.C.

Child find your faith again:
By: C.C.
There once was a little girl who knelt down each night to pray
She opened her heart to the Lord and could trust what He had to say.
The years passed briskly and into a young woman she had grown
Now finding it hard to hold tightly to the faith she had known.
Awakened to a new world where everything seemed so unjust
She found it hard to stay faithful, and with God place her trust.
She battled silently trying to hold on to the morals she once adored
Experiencing so much heartbreak and confusion, where was this Lord?
She cried and fought herself and some nights she could hardly sleep
There were many times she lay awake and would constantly weep.
Finally, she let out a broken and tearful prayer,
For even though she doubted, she knew the Lord was there.
This young woman was no longer that little girl who knelt to pray
And she finds it such a battle to be faithful today.
But the Lord was always watching and proud of her from above
He continuously sent this child his unconditional love.
He has always been there for her, even in her times of doubt
He has listened to her tears, and has heard her loudest shout.
You see the Lord only gives us what He knows we can take
Even the heaviest of loads are there for our sake.
At times we want to scream, when we feel as though we have no control
It is during these times that we must surrender everything and have Him make us whole.
We are always given what we can handle, and we are blessed even in tribulation
Just approach Him with that childish faith and put away that contemplation.
We need not worry about the future, but put our trust in the path He designed
For you are unique to Him, and have some special role assigned.
And so you ask me to help you reconnect, but that’s all up to you
God above knows everything in you, all that’s sweet, genuine, and true.
You again must find within you that little girl who knelt down to pray
Open your heart to the Lord again and trust what He has to say.
Our prayers never go unanswered they just take sometime to see
Be patient and hopeful and your heart will surely dance free.
And whenever you feel as though you wish to turn away
That’s when you must move closer and strongly pray.

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