Monday, November 7, 2011

A Dream Of God. By: C.C.

I had a chance to sit and talk to the Lord
For so long it seems that His voice I’ve ignored.
He wasn’t angry as we finally sat down to speak,
And I know He is with me every time I’m weak.
I was overwhelmed to see Him, and it was such a grace
He smiled at me, as tears rolled slowly down my face.
I knew not why I was crying, but only why I came
And after this moment I would never be the same.
I had so many questions; I didn’t know where to begin.
I felt so overwhelmed by triumph, pain, and too much sin.
Just as promised He was there for me, and didn’t turn away
It was as if He cared about everything I finally had to say.
Not knowing where to begin I just sat there in his view
And He took my hand and said “I’ve always loved you”
It was then I understood that it was I who turned away
It was me who forgot the importance and my need to pray.
I told Him life was hard, and that it was a battle at best
Explaining how so much hurt weighed down upon my chest.
I was terrible for doubting that God was even there
With so much disaster today how could He still care?
I was conflicted and lost; I just needed some clarity
It was then God told me that He’s even closer in my adversity.

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  1. Wow Celeste, this is such an encouraging poem. So true God is with us always especially in our adversity . Such a great reminder