Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I wrote this poem while attending teachers college. I read it from time to time to remind me of the constant need to recharge myself and keep my role in perspective. Each time I read this I am brought to a deeper understanding of what it means to truly educate, guide, mentor, and aid a child in becoming the best that they can be. It is easy to lose our patience, tempers, and our motivation..yet, it is truly important to soften our hearts in these times and strive to recognize the importance of our role in their lives. Ironically there is so much we are in need of learning from them also. I pray that we are able to be positive role models for the children we encounter. May we each turn to our Blessed Mother for the strength, patience, and maternal virtues to aid us in educating and guiding children along their path. (C.C.)
For The Children. By: C.C.
If we believe they are the future, we must treat them with respect.
If we want them to have dreams, we must first strive to achieve our own.
If we teach them that life is beautiful, we must greet them with whole smiles.
If we want them to be happy, we must listen, laugh, and smile more.
If we want them to go far, we must remove our boundaries.
If we want them to believe in the impossible, we must first exercise faith.
If we want them to reach the stars, we must point them out at night.
If we want them to believe in us we must always follow through.
If we want them to achieve, we must give them all the tools.
If we want them to stay youthful we must find our childish innocence.
We must encourage dreams, support short comings, and never forget that we were once children too.

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