Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hard Hearts

"If today you hear His voice Harden not your heart." (Psalm 95)

Throughout our daily dealings and earthly struggles it is very difficult to keep our hearts open, pure, and selfless. To strive for a purity of heart is something so important and will draw us nearer to the love of Jesus and our Lord. It is through a purity of heart that we are able to imitate Christ in a deeper way and truly abandon ourselves. I pray for each heart to be open to the love of God and to give with the intent to be received and not to receive. May we each turn in faith toward God the Father to pour His love into our hearts so that we are able to give selflessly to those we encounter and those most dear to us. Lord I pray that you remove the walls, boundaries, and burdens that lay around our hearts which inhibit us from loving purely in the way You intended. May we ask forgiveness with sincerity and may we be guided always by Your light and love. (CC)

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