Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mother Mary: By C.C.

With your yes we have our Savior
With your answer we know our Lord
Through your fear, Mary you trusted
Blessed be your holy womb.
I am sure some have doubted
Your importance to our faith
But your surrender gave us Jesus
And your sacrifice paved our way.
Now we hold you as our Mother
When the cold night settles in
You will comfort through our triumph
And will aid us away from sin.
With your mantle you have clothed me
Shielded me from so much harm
I will always strive to reach you
Blessed Mother I love you so.

"If you ever feel distressed during your day — call upon our Lady — just say this simple prayer: 'Mary, Mother of Jesus, please be a mother to me now.' I must admit —this prayer has never failed me." (Blessed Mother Teresa )

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