Monday, November 7, 2011

Prayer. By: C.C.

In this world full of struggle Your grace is still there
More people need to seek You so their life may be fair
The young need Your guidance, and the old forgot Your way
But it is here that I praise God and am thankful today.
There are wounds deep within me that I’m aching to heal
In this world full of corruption make Your love real.
I long to surrender and to just do Your will
To give over all control and make right every ill
There are reasons to doubt You, but only more to believe
And Lord I stand by You with no intent to deceive
Stand by through my anguish and nearer in my fear
I give myself to You purely and always sincere.
Be that beacon of light and guide me toward Your shore
I now live for You and strive to meet at heaven’s door.

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