Monday, December 26, 2011

Today's Thought. By: C.C.

"Jesus has a way of getting through, and whatever we are engaged with-whatever nets we are mending, or fish we are catching-somehow we will be sufficiently aware of his presence and call to know what it is we're being asked to do." (Tom Wright)
Perhaps one of the hardest things through our journey of faith is figuring out what the Lord is calling us to do. How often we struggle with our own feelings, goals, plans, designs, and our very own will in order to chart out our lives. We may find ourselves seeking God, waiting for Him to show up and send down a flash of lightening so that we can be secure of His will. Unfortunately this is not the case. However, it is by keeping fervent in our prayers and our openness to Him that we will surely be able to know what it is we're being asked to do. When we are open and approach the Lord with a faithful heart it will seem that His will indeed comes to us like a flash of lightening. "Whatever you are engaged with-whatever nets you are mending, or fish you are catching" be prayerful, be patient, and be faithful so that you may be aware of His presence and call to know what you're being asked to do. Lord today I pray that You allow us to keep you at the centre of all of our duties, labours, and leisure. May You continue to be the light of our path. Provide us with peace so that we will be secure in Your will for us. Give us patience with ourselves, our surroundings, and most importantly with You. Enable us to understand and realize that when we are focused on the Eternal Glory our worldly roles will fall into place. Thank You Lord for allowing us to know You and trust in You. May we always be committed to waiting upon You with prayer, faith, and love. Amen (C.C.)

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