Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rest In Faith And Do Not Fear. By:C.C.

"Do not get all worked up about the future disasters of this world, which may never occur anyway; when and if they do occur, God will give you the strength to bear them. Jesus commanded Saint Peter to walk on the water, but Peter, frightened by a gust of wind and the storm, almost drowned. Then he pleaded with the Lord, Who said to him, "What little faith you have ... why did you falter?" And putting forth His hand He saved him. [cf. Mt. 14:31] If God asks you to walk on the turbulent waters of adversity, do not doubt, do not fear, because God is with you. Have courage and you will be safe." (St. Francis DeSales)
A new year is finally here! The media has shared many theories about 2012 and the apparent end of the world. Some people may give life to these predictions and get wrapped up in some search for when this exact event may occur. How many times has this theory been presented to us already??? Fortunately the world is still here, and so are we. All joking aside, it is an interesting thing to contemplate and reflect upon. St Francis DeSales reminds us that if we truly have faith in the Lord there is no need to worry or be afraid of anything. Even in times of tribulation and adversity we can rest in faith that the Lord will give us the strength and aid us in bearing whatever comes. I speak beyond these 2012 predictions and in to the every day lives that we lead. We are called by God to be free of worry and anxiety, to live in a state of hope, faith, and joy. It is difficult to maintain this focus when our foundations are shaken or when the water seems too turbulent to tread. We as children of God should focus on Him at all times so that like Peter we do not sink, but rather rise above our adversity with faith in the Lord's presence through it all. Today's reading from John reminds us that we have nothing and no one to fear....."Children, you are from God and have overcome them, because he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world." (John 3:22-4:6) May we forever keep our sights on He who dwells within us despite what may be occurring around us. Let us seek the Lord in times that trouble may face us. Trust that He is forever beside you guiding you through the storm. Lord help us everyday of our lives to rest in faith and not in fear. Give us a faith that is unfaltering so that we may live fully reliant on You, trusting that You will always keep us safe. Amen. (C.C.)


  1. Great post Celeste! Very thought provoking for my saturday morning! Thanks!

  2. Nay, thank you so much for the comment. It is a reminder we definitely need as we journey through our faith!! :)
    Blessings and Happy Weekend.