Sunday, January 8, 2012

Surrounding Our Hearts With God. By: C.C.

"Often during the day, even while outwardly engaged in conversations and business with others, remember to retire to the solitude of your heart to be with God. This mental solitude cannot be in any way impeded, even if many people stand about you, since they surround, not your heart, but only your body. Your heart remains alone in the presence of God." (St. Francis DeSales)
There are so many reasons we may find ourselves frustrated with our daily duties. It often seems that there is no time for the Lord or for us to settle down and pray as we are easily distracted with our tasks, schedules, and demands. It is very important that we take the time amidst the chaos and retreat to the silence of our hearts to be with God. St. Francis DeSales reminds us that regardless of our outward obligations we should recognize and focus in on the God within us. We must create a place of solitude and prayer within our hearts, minds, and souls so that regardless of what surrounds us, peace may dwell within us. I had a friend of mine write me the other day with this brief reminder " Hide God words in your heart so you won't sin against Him".... I found this to be such an important thing to do. And as I read more from St. Francis DeSales this idea of surrounding my heart with the presence of God became even more crucial and wonderful to me. How beautiful to think that amidst my daily routine I can return to the quietness of my heart and feel the Lord so close to me. It is by doing this that our daily dealings can be much less daunting. By surrounding our hearts with God and making an effort to connect with Him internally each day we will grow in faith and relationship with Him. Lord tonight I pray that as we carry on with our daily labours, You help us recognize Your presence within our hearts. May we each strive to create a place for You and quiet reflection whenever it is possible. Let us always remember the importance of connecting to You throughout each day and that You are always with us. Amen (C.C.)

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