Monday, November 26, 2012

Deacon Robert, Leah Darrow, and The Power of Testimony: C.C.


    Tonight at prayer group I was very grateful to hear the testimony of a Deacon that I truly respect. It was through his humility, rawness, and truth that we as listeners were able to recognize the Lord's hand upon every moment of his life. Throughout the sharing of his testimony Deacon Robert also allowed for each of us to understand the importance of sharing the experiences of our own lives and God's mercy with one another. It is in this sharing and relating that we come to see Christ present among us today.
   Throughout the history of our Church there have been numerous men and women of faith whose lives have served as testimonies of our Lord's love and mercy. Often the way in which God revealed Himself through these early followers is quite drastic. There are various Divine interventions leading to conversions that continue to leave us speechless today. As we reflect upon these moments from Scripture and history it takes great faith in our Lord to believe them. It also takes great faith to acknowledge these events as the work of our Almighty God. From Abraham and Sarah, Job, our Holy Mother, St. Paul, and St Augustine the lives of these men and women have revealed to us the love of our Lord and the power of His grace and mercy. No less important are we as His followers today.
  Our lives also serve as testimonies of God's goodness and mercy. It is through the sharing of our experiences with one another that we each come to glorify God and recognize Him present today among us and working through us. Deacon Robert shared his story tonight, and yet, what was truly being shared was the story of the Lord's love for each of His children.
   Following the prayer group this evening I came home and began watching one of my favorite shows on EWTN entitled The Journey Home through which various testimonies are shared. Tonight Leah Darrow was featured. As I listened and watched her recount her story I was deeply moved. I watched as she spoke about her way of living before "reverting" back to her Catholic faith. I could not deny the immense courage that it takes to be able to publicly reveal personal struggles, to fully expose ones weaknesses, vulnerabilities and sin. Yet, through seeing her speak so full of Christ's love tonight her openness serves as a means of glorifying the Lord and understanding the depths that He will go to transform our hearts and our lives if we permit Him to. Our present day testimonies are reminders in these times that our Lord's love is constant and unchanging. We are His children. Jesus died for you.
    Let us each take the time to reflect upon our lives and take note of the moments that we recognized God working. Let us offer prayers of thanksgiving for everything that He has given. May we each pray for the clarity to see Him at work daily in our lives, surrendering fully to His will and allow ourselves to be His instruments each day. Lord Help us to also share our story and glorify You by doing so. Provide us with the strength, courage, and humility that we need. Thank you Lord for your unchanging love and for your mercy and grace. May we strive each day to live in closer union with You. We pray for the intercession of our Blessed Mother and all the Angels and Saints. Amen. (C.C) - Leah Darrow- The Journey Home


  1. I heard Leah Darrow's testimony earlier this week on our local Catholic radio station; what an inspiration! I also love hearing people's individual testimonies. :)

  2. Estefania, Thank you so much for the comment..It was a pretty powerful testimony and such an important message for each of us. Hopefully, many more are called to share and in this way glorfy God. :)