Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Chastity. By: C.C.


        Chastity is not about repression, but rather it is truly a means of reclaiming the wonderful gift of sexuality that God gave to each of us. I am currently reading He Speaks to You by Sr. Helena Burns and this month's focus is Chastity and Celibacy. As I read these wonderful reflections each day I am strengthened through my journey of chastity and have also come to understand the importance of speaking to this matter openly and without shame. Somehow the sacredness of our sexuality has been lost amidst a culture that is seemingly okay with highly provocative and arguably pornographic lifestyles, images, shows, and music . There seems to be an expectation that all of these things are truly "normal" and accepted, where as living chaste or celibate is considered an illness. 
     Chastity is not a fear of sexuality or of sexual desire, but rather it is an understanding of ones sexuality as a gift from God and the acknowledgement that the marital act is entrusted to His children in the Sacrament of marriage. Our society makes it difficult to speak of these matters and determines that anyone who lives in such a manner is "abnormal" or "repressed". I admit that there are struggles and challenges living out chastity in these highly sexual times. There is no way that this would be possible without a loving commitment to the Lord and full trust in His Providence and mercy. No matter what your past is and what you have gone through living a life of chastity is truly possible.
    Heavenly Father we thank you tonight for the gift of our sexuality. Help us always to acknowledge this as a gift from You and provide us with strength to live in purity as we strive to serve You. Lord forgive our sins and protect all of us from temptations and from lust. We pray especially for the intercession of Our Blessed Mother to wrap her mantle of love around our shoulders and guide us along our journey toward purity. Amen (C.C.)


  1. Beautiful post! I'd also recommend to anyone reading this to learn more about the Confraternity for Angelic Warfare. It's a confraternity of prayer that is dedicated to pursuing and promoting chastity and is under the patronage of St. Thomas Aquinas and the Blessed Virgin Mary. For more info: http://www.angelicwarfareconfraternity.org/

  2. Thank you so much :). I will also be checking this website out!! Thank you for reading and for sharing this wonderful information. Blessings!!