Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What Is In Your God Hole? By: C.C.

      It has been spoken about in numerous homilies and prayer talks, written about in many spiritual books, and often thought of as we journey toward holiness. What is in your God hole? What do we fill ourselves with instead of He who is the Only that can satisfy and sustain us. As we live with a yearning to be most like Jesus we battle greatly with out human reality. Often times we get ourselves  down by the "fleshy" things and are victim of emotional swings and materialistic lures. Yet, through this, we are also reminded somehow of God and our deepest most present hunger that can only be satisfied by our Lord. This soft whisper that breaks through our flesh and into our soul is God; He calls us and yearns for our love as we seek to be loved, to be accepted, and to be fulfilled. In our tireless seeking we often pass Him by, Only then to return at our starting point more drained and empty than when we first began our search.
    Seeking for that which satisfies can lead us to destructive behaviors and addictions. We are attracted to that which at first does not seem to be threatening but in time has proven it's evil. It is grace that awakens us to the reality of our Lord. His mercy on us that truly breaks through the "muck" and disillusion. His love for us that will sustain us and lead us to become the people that we are created to be.
    Regardless of your spiritual state in life, your devoutness and sanctity, we must all empty ourselves of everything that remains in the dwelling place created solely for our Lord. As long as we are part of the world we will need to frequently evaluate our true commitment and connection to God. We must constantly work at discerning what we are drawn to through worldly allure and what is truly guided by our Lord and the Holy Spirit. This work in our lives is ongoing and always changing. As we grow in faith and in virtue we become more aware of ourselves and are better suited to weed out the things that are not of God. It is often easy to identify the larger obstacles preventing God from truly working in our lives, yet, this does not mean that our detachment from them is made any easier. The purification is painful and there must be a conscious effort made to surrender to the Lord and ask for Him to help us. It is in this surrender to Him and through relinquishing control that we allow the dwelling place of the Lord within us to be made accessible.
   Lord tonight I pray for all of those who are truly searching for You in their hearts. I pray for those who have yet to know You and are victim to the demands and allures of our world. Help us each day to grow in faith. Guide us along this journey toward holiness and provide us with the clarity to detach from anything that hinders our relationship with You. We pray for the intercession of all of the Saints and our Holy Mother Mary to help us live more like Jesus. May we seek you in faith knowing that our fulfillment rests solely in You. Amen (C.C) 

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