Thursday, November 15, 2012

An Embrace of Grace. By: C.C.

"The moment a man, by the help of God, succeeds in overcoming his own will, that is, in freeing himself from every inordinate affection and care, to cast himself and all his miseries unreservedly into the bosom of God, that moment he becomes so pleasing to God that he receives the gift of grace. Grace brings love, and love drives out all fear, and hesitation, and fills the soul with confidence and hope. What is more blessed than to cast all our care on him who cannot fail? As long as you lean upon yourself you will totter. Throw yourself without fear into the arms of God. He will embrace you, he will heal and save you" (Saint Albert the Great, Magnificat reflection for today)

    What does the Lord will for my life? What does He will for this day? How can I be sure that I am fulfilling the will of God? These questions can often cross our minds as we try and live a devout life. It is also in these questions that we recognize the stronghold to our own action and will opposed to a complete and open surrender to the Lord. Saint Albert reminds us that overcoming ones will is attained through a total casting of oneself "into the bosom of God". This image that St. Albert presents us with is deeply comforting. Just as we see children in the arms of their mothers so safely at peace and rest, so too does our Heavenly Father yearn for us in His bosom with trust and at peace.
    The pull of our society and worldly demands often distracts us from this resting place. It is not God who lets us go, but rather, our own humanness that gradually breaks away from the closeness of this bond that He yearns to maintain with us. We must continuously mortify our own will and cast everything on Him with faith. We must strive each day with an effort of perpetual giving of self to God in order to allow His gift of grace to rest within our soul.
    Lord, tonight I pray for those who are attempting to know Your will in their lives. Please help us daily to mortify each and every action that comes from our own selfish will. Provide us with clarity and peace through discerning what we are called to do in every situation. Thank you Lord for Your mercy and grace. Thank you for Your unchanging love. It is truly through You that we are strengthened and come to know a sense of peace while on earth. May we each fearlessly cast ourselves into the bosom of God daily with faith in His healing and Providence. Amen (C.C.)


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