Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Graduated and Seeking God's Will: By C.C.

"God often speaks to us in the years of our youth and points out to us the project of our life." (Pope Benedict)

     It is important during the years of our youth to remain close to our Lord and to discern His will in our lives. I was inspired to write this post for those who have recently graduated from their studies and are "seeking". As many of our young adults wrap up their academic careers and graduate from school, the obvious question can be asked "What am I going to do with my life?" 
   So often we think that it is solely up to us. We spend years in education, tackling post secondary and graduate degrees. We devote countless hours immersed in our studies, and sleeplessly enter  lecture halls in pursuit of "our future". When everything comes to a close and our finals are written- we may wonder why there is there still a sense of unknowing.
   The question we must ask in regards to our future is "What does GOD will for me to do with my life?", "What does He will for this very day? The discernment process is challenging, but as we begin to ask this question in faith an answer will meet us with peace. It is important that we remain fervent in prayer amidst our confusion about where God is calling us. 
   Through an honest openness and surrender to our Lord we will surely be led to the place He wills us to be. May we all be attentive to God's voice as we seek to serve Him in faith. (C.C) 

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