Monday, May 6, 2013

The Holy Spirit; A Holy Light Of Love. By: C.C.

"As the day breaks we see more clearly in a mirror the spots and stains of our faces. In the same way, as the inward light of the Holy Spirit enlightens our consciences, we see more clearly and distinctly the sins, inclinations and imperfections that keep us from reaching true devotion. The same light that enables us to see such defects and imperfections inflames us with a desire to cleanse and purify ourselves of them. "(St. Francis De Sales)

      As the Holy Spirit enlightens our consciences the vices that exist within us become more visible. One may find it difficult at first to recognize this awareness as purifying love. It takes great commitment to God and a yearning to lead a life of holiness in order to persevere in trust that this clarity will bring us to true freedom; that it will unite us with God. Beyond this, a willingness to pursue the path toward true devotion demands great faith!
    Absent of God this inward gazing can become destructive. Often the avoidance of our own truth and inner shades of brokenness is something that we are told by our "feel good" culture to steer away from and ignore. We are presented with numerous books, theories, and "instant remedies" that are geared toward gratification; geared away from embracing the Cross. Somehow these "fixes" have become the source of further brokenness and disenchantment. The often radical measures attempted to blind us from our weaknesses and brokenness succeed only in fueling the fire that burns our open wounds within. 
     Our brokenness is not a disease or something to be ashamed of. It is our reminder that we are human. It is our reminder that we are in need of our Divine Physician. We are called by God away from this brokenness and wounds. God calls us toward Him with purifying love that longs for us to know the joy and peace of His love. 
   As the Holy Spirit enters our hearts we are led by a light of love and not one of destruction. In seeking to unite ourselves with God we must be willing to detach and heal from the ills that create a barrier between this union. In our brokenness we may believe the lies that can often fill our minds. It is the Holy Spirit that provides us with the clarity to see that amidst all of the sins, inclinations and imperfections God loves us so much as to call us toward Him and meet us where we are. Through the stings of purification we are comforted by an unconditional love. We must keep our eyes on God, remain persistent in prayer, and continue to hope in order to be "inflamed with a desire to cleanse and purify ourselves" so that we can live in the peace and joy of our Lord. 
    Lord, thank you for the gift of the Holy Spirit and also for our brokenness. It is in this way that we may come to a better understanding of how much we need You within our lives. As we seek to break free from various things that separate us from You, provide us with the clarity and comfort that we need. Help us Lord, so that we may always look to you in our time of distress;recognizing that You are the only capable healer and help that is steadfast. Provide clarity and mercy for those who have yet to know You. Help those who yearn to serve You by sharing the joy, peace, and truth of Your love. We ask for the intercession of all the Saints, especially Saint Raphael and the protection of our most Blessed Mother Mary. Amen (C.C.)  

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