Friday, January 17, 2014

Faith and Scandal. By: C.C.

                                Photo taken at St. Clare of Assisi Parish, Woodbridge.

"He was the figure of the whole Church, and our Lord said to him: "Upon this rock I will build My Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." Thus, the certain hope of the faithful, which rests not on human beings but on God, will never be destroyed."(St. Augustine)

   This certain hope of the faithful that St. Augustine speaks to us about is the key ingredient for enduring in faith and persevering in the face of trial and tribulation. As he reminds us, we are to rest not in the hope of human beings, but on God. We are to live in a relationship that is rooted in our Lord and Him alone. We find through this that our lives can be a genuine reflection of His goodness and love. We can be a sign within the world of what He intends those of His Church to be. 
  We aid in the perseverance of faith and in the life of the Church by remaining close to God and working daily to foster a personal relationship with our Lord.
   To His Church, Christ promised that ' the gates of hell shall not prevail against it". Though there has been tribulation and often difficult times in the history of the Church, and a recent sharing from Pope Francis on scandal, these realities should not sway one away from the Lord, but reaffirm and place into question where our hope and faith truly is. When we are deeply and truly rooted in God we can become, and be led toward those who are a genuine reflection of His love.  
   It is often through the moments of hardship and persecution that the power of the Holy Spirit and the truth of Christ's words are made more visible to us. It is for this reason that the words of St. Augustine, a man who departed his earthen journey in 430 AD remains valid today, and the Church he served still strong.
  I believe that where there is great holiness, there too one encounters great persecution. Faith in our Lord assures us that in face of evil we are met with Divine protection and love. Forever we remain trusting and faithful, not in the frailty of our humanness and brokenness of sin, but in the Lord and His mercy. 
  May our faith, as the faithful of the Church, not sway with the commentary of the world, or alter when it is put to test. Let us seek to firmly root ourselves in the Lord. May those who have been wounded and scarred by scandal throughout the world be brought to the love of our Lord and toward the hearts of God's children on earth seeking and working to strive toward holiness. In the face of scandal may we seek more fervently the face of our Lord and trust that His Divine providence, and the honest work of His humble, surrendered servants will bring forth the fruits of His Kingdom on earth. (CC) 

St. Michael.....pray for us.

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